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Somehow I managed to start reading an article about the Earth being flat. Unfortunately it's not the first time, most likely not even the last time, I end up reading about flat earth. It's interesting and stupid way to waste your time all at once.

In one hand I'd say some of those people do have some good points. Good points for discussion that is. But by the end of the day, their (and, also mine) ignorance isn't a proof of anything. Dear flat-earthers, if you want to make me a believer, please fall off the sid... continue reading

Recently I read a news story about a Republican state senator, more specifically Ralph Shortey, who was charged with child prostitution after police f...

Millions and millions of women - cervical cancer, breast cancer - are helped by Planned Parenthood. I would defund it because I am pro-life, but milli...

I have a friend who tends to send me weird things when I'm working on my laptop. This is one of them.

Thinking about coffee.

Only thought....nothing, got nothing. I think I'm Homer. Cheeseburger. Beer.

Sitting on my ass, feeling weird, like stoned or something and...well, working?

Trying to get some work done...

just waiting for my morning coffee to cool down a bit

I consider myself an extremely creative person, I really do. But for some reason no one else seems to notice.

Morning thoughts and confusions...

I was just thinking that I have been working with computers 15 years or so...and when it comes to backups, I'm still as stupid as some 5-year old who ...

A friend of mine keeps sending me stuff, and mostly they are good!

Some things are just too good not to be shared with everyone else.

When I first read it, I kind of laughed my arse off, not that it's nice, but...

Thinking of the wonderful life I could have

I was looking for great domains for my upcoming projects, drinking my 6th coffee within the last 4 hours when I suddenly saw something weird.

Facebook is to blame for everything, I say. How can you get any work done if everyone are bugging you?

Finished working, left office, sat down in an internet cafeteria, ordered a beer and read my email that read...

It's all about coffee and laptops and what you can do with them. Or more like what you do when you are doing it to them. Doing like using your laptop and drinking your coffee. When your laptop is on the table and coffee is sitting next to it, some people start to work, some people go to Facebook, some people pretend to work most of the time. I guess that's me.

dudette with a laptop?

If you're a dude, or dudette for the matter, have a laptop and like coffee, well...good for you! Me too!

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