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Based on a news by The Hollywood reporter, Trump has sent his legal team after 17-year old Lucy, the owner of The legal team has sent her a cease-and-desist letter.

The website domain was initially at, but was changed after a blowback from the White House.

So why is this website so awful that Trump feels threats against a teenager are warranted? It features a few Trump's faces and kitten paws which you can use to scratch Trump's face.

"I really just want people to be aware... continue reading

State Rep. Jessica Farrar proposed new legislation that, if turned into a law, would fine men $100 for masturbating. It would also require a 24-hour c...

Stephen Hawking says that the rise of technology could destroy us, and to prevent that, it needs to be controlled. He also said that the only thing th...

It is no surprise that public swimming pools might have some pee in it. But the amount of it has always been difficult to measure, or estimate. But no...

There are problems in Iceland. About Pizza. The president of Iceland, Gudni Th. Johannesson, said that if he could, he would ban pineapple toppings on...

Stephen Miller, a senior advisor to Kim Jong-un, said last week that "Our opponents, the media and the whole world will soon see as we begin to take f...

It's all about coffee and laptops and what you can do with them. Or more like what you do when you are doing it to them. Doing like using your laptop and drinking your coffee. When your laptop is on the table and coffee is sitting next to it, some people start to work, some people go to Facebook, some people pretend to work most of the time. I guess that's me.

dudette with a laptop?

If you're a dude, or dudette for the matter, have a laptop and like coffee, well...good for you! Me too!

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