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Top 10 could-have laptop accessories

2017-01-21 09:53:51

Laptops get smaller and smaller, the laptop I'm using the most has just a 10'1 inch screen. But the smaller they get, the more add-on laptop accessories you could use. Here's a list of some accessories worth thinking about. Some of them are actually useful while others are just neat things to have.

Ultra light notebook cooler
If you're working in hot tempreatures, your laptop doesn't usually like it much. So it often pays to have a notebook cooler placed under your laptop.

External hard drives
These days the default hard drives on laptops are good enough. However, external hard drives are often useful for making back-ups of your most important data and they often also serve you well as digital movie libraries.

Having a scanner with you at all times is definitely a good idea. But the thought of a scanner you can carry around can often be frightening. You remember those big machines 5-10 years back? No worries, times have changed and now there are very small versions of them available. These days they can be really light weight.

Laptop desks
Laptop desks are meant for placing laptop on your lap " you know, all the men out there, keeping the warm and dry running laptop on your lap without the laptop desk might actually affect your sperm. Just to mention.

Laptop car adapter
No explanation needed here. Just to power your laptop in your car.

TV tuner
Want to watch your local TV channels from your laptop? If the free television channels offered in the internet don't satisfy you, get a TV tuner for your laptop.

Laptop privacy screen
If you're often working outside and don't want other people to see what you are doing, you can place tiny vertical blinds on the surface of the screen and thus narrow the viewing angle, which means now data is only visible directly in front of the screen.

(not exactly the privacy screen, but you could do it this way as well)

Laptop security cables
Protect your laptop from theft. You can use laptop security cables in locations where you may have to leave your laptop. Hotel room for example.

Laptop pocket speakers
If your integrated laptop speakers don't make as nice and loud noise as they could, then having some small speakers with you in your laptop bag might be a good idea. Just take your laptop bag with you, go to a barbecue and make some noise!

These are just a few accessories to think about, have some more suggestion? Just place a comment below.

Jay Gory is the editor for "Printer ink" website and provides tips for buying inks for various brand of inks including Epson ink, canon and hp.

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