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Today I invented a bicycle, yesterday a tank

2017-01-21 09:50:09

I truly am a creative person. With new ideas going through my mind like wind all the time, I could really make a fortune with it all. I have to admit, though, that for some reason people don't tend to take my inventions too seriously.

They claim that if I take one wheel off the bike and carry it on my shoulder, it's not really a new invention. Or that if I take a pipe in my hand and pretended I'm shooting through it, it doesn't look like a human tank at all. I'm not completely sure if it's me or if it's the other people who simply don't get my genius, but I haven't ever really been too successful with my inventions. And even people who should be helping to turn my inventions into marketable products have told me not to waste my money on them as ... I end up with nothing. Maybe I should be grateful for companies such as Inventionland, the world's largest invention factory, who, even though they could earn from offering me their services in order to guide me through the development process of turning the idea into an actual marketable product, said I should rather go out and drink some more beer.

Or maybe it was all simply a dream. However, if you actually are an inventor or maybe just a person with way better innovative ideas than a broken bike on a shoulder, Inventionland might be able to help you with their team of designers and engineers, and help you to turn your idea into a best-selling product. If you're interested, learn more about them here:

It's all about coffee and laptops and what you can do with them. Or more like what you do when you are doing it to them. Doing like using your laptop and drinking your coffee. When your laptop is on the table and coffee is sitting next to it, some people start to work, some people go to Facebook, some people pretend to work most of the time. I guess that's me.

dudette with a laptop?

If you're a dude, or dudette for the matter, have a laptop and like coffee, well...good for you! Me too!

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