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wifi in riga airport

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2017-01-21 10:01:13

I have my laptop with me, the name of the site is Coffee and Laptops but right now I feel like it could rather be Coffee and Cigarettes. I've been sitting in this airport (Riga, Latvia) the past four hours and will be here for another three. Hopefully, if nothing comes up, my flight leaves in time. What made me sit here for seven hours? Simple answer would be "Moronic decisions". I have drank a lot of coffee, smoked like a package of cigarettes and haven't slept a minute. It's 8.30am. Tried to access local wireless here but...well, independent of whether I tried via phone, sms or credit card, it didn't work. Shit. So this post was/will be posted once I get to Milan, Italy and find a decent wireless connection there. And if I do, I'll definitely list it on this site as well.

It's all about coffee and laptops and what you can do with them. Or more like what you do when you are doing it to them. Doing like using your laptop and drinking your coffee. When your laptop is on the table and coffee is sitting next to it, some people start to work, some people go to Facebook, some people pretend to work most of the time. I guess that's me.

dudette with a laptop?

If you're a dude, or dudette for the matter, have a laptop and like coffee, well...good for you! Me too!

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