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The best laptop office ever

2017-01-21 09:59:12

As it's coffee and laptops, then, even though, I've promoted my great-great-great working environment in pretty much all the places I can, I feel I need to do it in my favorite Coffee and Laptops blog as well. After all, that's what it's all about, coffee and laptops.

I love to work with my laptop in the sun, that's one of the main reasons why I go out every morning to the town square to have a coffee. And work with my laptop at the same time.

However, couple of weeks ago I decided to create kind of a cafeteria office to my own balcony as well. I do think it looks neat!

It's all about coffee and laptops and what you can do with them. Or more like what you do when you are doing it to them. Doing like using your laptop and drinking your coffee. When your laptop is on the table and coffee is sitting next to it, some people start to work, some people go to Facebook, some people pretend to work most of the time. I guess that's me.

dudette with a laptop?

If you're a dude, or dudette for the matter, have a laptop and like coffee, well...good for you! Me too!

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